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Hi ! My name is Alexis. And I love makeup,fashion, and all beauty related stuff. I am also huge anime, manga fan. My all time favourite anime are Yu Gi Oh & Pokemon At the moment I live in beautiful country in Europe called Serbia, and I also lived in Paris France for a while,and when I have free time you can find me in Paris. My favourite brand in the entire world is CHANEL so you are going to see a lot of CHANEl post, but also a lot of different other posts. I love to walk, shop, go out at different cafes and bars. I love to meet new people, and I love to travel meet different countries and cultures, and learn about other people. Also I don't want my blog to be just bout beauty & fashion, I want to write about stuff that I love, and that I  want to share with you! Remember to never stop dreaming, and also smile it's free, and you can make someone feel better xo! 

XXXO remember to smile it s free! 
contact: alexismcqueen11@gmail.com

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